How Strong are OnSite Climbing Holds?

  • We use no filler.
  • We use strong washers in each bolt hole. Including….
    • strong mini-washers in each set screw hole (say ‘NO’ to spinners! …and cracks in holds).*
    • All the set screw holes are ‘pre-drilled’ so you don’t have to, nor risk cracking any holds.*
  • We use the best Poly-Urethane on the market for our holds with a 5,000 + lb tinsel strength. Yeh, 5,000 pounds.
  • We guarantee the foothold – medium sized holds for life.**


What is OnSite’s return policy?

  • We take returns. We take returns on holds that do not work (cannot connect them to the wall), or are significantly cracked. We also take returns on holds that you did not use! However, you still must pay the return shipping. When we get it, we will refund your money immediately.


Can I order Custom Colors from OnSite?

  • Why not? Email Jordan ( )with the swatch and color code #.  Expect orders to be delayed up to a month for custom color orders, since we must order dyes and manufacture these apart.  Mixed colors? No problem, but same procedure.



  • We ship from Salt Lake City, Utah to pretty much anywhere, though the States, Mexico and Canada are the most common. For shipping to Europe, Africa, or Asia, (Antarctica.?) make sure with Jordan ( ) before ordering so we can set it up.         We will post a chart soon showing delivery times and tracking info.


Given all the information above, how do you sell your holds so cheap?

  • Love, man. Love.


* We implemented these features in July, 2016. The holds (Honey-combs, Formation Pinches and the Formation Feature Jug) that were molded previously do not include the pre-drilled set screw hole nor set hole washer. Everything else does though.
** For broken holds, not greased out holds from use.